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Hello there! Media Babe is one of my superhero identities and as such I only post about Media Babe adventures here! My mild manner alter-ego is hidden safely behind the curtain. I will tell you that I work for Scarecrow Video, the coolest video rental store on the planet with a collection of 95,000+ titles. I have been published in the Scarecrow Video Movie Guide and wrote an independent episode guide book, so I do have some credentials. Honest! But mostly this is here because people have been telling me for years that I should write movie reviews because they like how I see movies, what I have to say about them, and how I express myself. I don't pretend to be anything more than I am and I post when and if I feel like it for the most part. ;-) Yeah, I'm a superhero, but I'm kind of a lazy one. Or maybe I'm just easily distracted? Sorry. Too busy watching movies I guess to post about all of 'em. ;-)