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SIFF 2008 at Scarecrow - UPDATED!

Hi all! Here is the new list of movies from SIFF 2008 that we have at Scarecrow for rent. Everything that is new from the previous list I've gone ahead and made bold. :) Per usual, if the movie has anything odd about (PAL and Codes) it's noted after the title. Anything that is PAL only you can play on a computer or a special DVD player. Anything that is marked with a Code needs a special all-code DVD player or a computer that will allow you to play other codes. Be careful if you don't know you can play other codes safely though.


Alexander Nevsky
Alexandra (PAL - Code 5)
Becky Sharp
Blind Mountain (Code 3)
Blood Brothers (Code 3)
Breakfast With Scot
Brick Lane (PAL - Code 2)
Cecil B. DeMented
Chysalis (PAL - Code 2)
The Drummer
Epitaph (Code 3)
Faces (1968)
Five Senses (1999)
Games of Love & Chance
Head On
Heavy Metal in Baghdad
The Home Song Stories (PAL)
In the Land of the War Canoes (aka, In the Land of the Headhunters)
Island Etude (Code 3)
It Always Rains on Sunday (PAL - Code 2)
Love & Honor (Code 2)
Mad Detective
The Mother of Tears (PAL - Code 5)
Night Tide
Romeo and Juliet
Saga of Anatahan
Seachd: the Inaccessible Pinnacle listed in the Times as Seachd: the Crimson Snowdrop (PAL Code 2)
Sexy Beast
Still Life (PAL Code 6)
Sukiyaki Western (Code 2)
Triangle (Code 3)
Vexille (Code 3)
Young Adam
Young Master
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